Quilter's Touch 100% Polyester Batting 120" - 1/2 yard

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Price is for 1/2 yard - multiple quantities will be in one continuous cut

120" Wide


Quilter's Touch 100 % Polyester Batting -Thermal Bonded - Fine Dinier Siliconized 

Legacy Polyester Batting is made from siliconized polyester for softness. It is bonded to retard bearding [aka fiber migration to the surface] and will not shrink. However, should you use hot temperatures while washing and drying a quilt or garment, the fabrics used could shrink 3% if they are not shrunk prior to use. Excessive laundering can create bearding. 

Polyester does not breathe like many natural fibers and therefore could make a very warm bed covering as it traps body warmth. It provides a good deal of loft promoting definition in quilting stitches whether by hand or machine. Poly is extremely easy to hand quilt. The ‘puff’ or loft is often used in the Trapunto technique, where an additional section of batting is placed underneath an area and then quilted for added dimension. 

Enjoy the resilience and lofty qualities of our 100% Polyester and stitch up to 4" apart on any project.

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