DIY Mask Tutorial

Tutorial video created by Japanese Sewing Books

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a personalized face mask? Well our monkeys have been hard at work looking for a great tutorial. Unfortunately, we can't use bananas as facemasks. So we took it into our hands and found an awesome and useful tutorial for you.

Japanese Sewing Books has created an amazing tutorial that is very stylish and easy to follow. We have added a link to their video and their website as well as the PDFs you will need, so you can follow along.

What you will need

1 - Outside layer (medium weight cotton fabric)

1 - Inside Layer (lighter tightly woven cotton)

1 - Elastic Band

1yd - Thread

PDF Template

Click on the button labeled "PDF Template" to access the document with the template for all the sizes.

Note: It is important to check the sizing of the template once you have printed it to make sure it is to scale. There is a 2" test square to make sure it is printed to the right size.