My name is Melissa and I am the owner of Funky Monkey Fabrics Inc.

Fabric hasn't always been an obsession with me. In fact, it all started shortly after my daughter was born. While on maternity leave, I found myself with an abundance of free time, which inspired me to start making adorable little hair clips for the few wisps of hair that were on my daughter's head!

In that moment, something had ignited. I realized that I had a creative drive that was burning just below the surface. From that point on, everything was a blur. Soother clips, hand stitched onesies, sleep sacks, car seat covers and diaper bags all followed in quick succession. I needed to stock up on supplies to feed this new found passion! As a new family, it was important to find supplies that wouldn’t completely drain our savings! During my ongoing search for cute and funky fabrics, I realized that the fabric selection in and around Southern Ontario was abysmal. I started expanding my search to other provinces and realized that this was a problem across all of Canada! From then on, I set forth with a mission to start the first fabric shop that focused on affordable premium quality fabrics and sewing supplies that people actually wanted!

Your opinions are all so important to me, and I use them to help shape my store and its inventory. From my humble beginnings until now, it has been nothing but a pleasure serving all of you!

Funky Monkey Fabrics has been in business since August 2013 and is continuing to grow. This growth it has afforded me to the opportunity to hire some wonderfully creative people. Shawna, Chloe, and Emily are the expert cutters/packers/shippers that ensure everyone's orders get shipped out correctly and as fast as possible! My mom, Kalen, is our main shipper, cleaner, organizer, and general helper. Jane works on our weekly sale emails.

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We are an online only store, we are closed to the public.





FMF Crew

Kalen (Mom/shipper/cleaner), Melissa (Owner/cust. service/order fulfilment), Shawna (order fulfilment), Holly (order fulfilment)

Part Time Staff

Jane (mushroom mask) remote online help with answering messages and sending weekly sale emails

Wendy order fulfilment

Chloe order fulfilment