3 Must-Have Sewing Tools for Every Beginner’s Kit

Do you believe only pins and needles make an essential sewing kit? If you have ever been to a sewing notions aisle, probably you’re aware of the abundance of sewing tools. With a variety of sewing supplies, deciding what’s important and what’s not could be overwhelming for a beginner. While some tools are important, others are used only for creative artwork that can be acquired later. 

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To help you start with your sewing journey, we have mentioned here basic sewing tools that you may need as a beginner.

Pins - How experienced seamstresses sew away all pieces together, flawlessly and really fast. Surely, a brilliant sight! However, it isn’t as simple as it looks. As a beginner, you may need multiple straight pins as it’s impossible to piece with a bent pin that mostly happens with beginners. Also, it is required to switch pins according to the fabric you’re using. For instance, silk demands the finest pins to avoid permanent holes while for other fabrics, a standard pin works without troubles.

Seam ripper - As the name implies, a seam ripper’s job is to rip a seam. But, why would one need a ripper, right? For beginners, a seam ripper is a true friend. It allows you to correct your mistake while stitching a fabric. Imagine what would you do without a seam ripper if you stitch wrongs sides facing each other? It’s not easy to buy fabric and start once again. A seam ripper precisely slips between the fabric layers to break the thread, without making damages to the fabric.

Scissors - Before beginning with sewing, you need to cut the fabric, which is done using a pair of scissors. In the sewing world, there are different scissors to accomplish separate tasks. For instance, tailor scissors made big and sharp blades, cannot be used to nip loose threads, which is done using thread nippers only. Similarly, bent scissors, designed to keep blades parallel to the underneath table while cutting the cloth, are not suitable for cutting silk. For superior results, you need a rotary cutter instead. Therefore, depending on the sewing needs, you have to decide the type of scissors suitable for a task.

While picking up essentials, always remember to prefer quality over the price. As only a quality product helps you with delivering a perfect finish. Keep adding essential to your sewing kit from our notions collection as you learn and progress in your sewing project.