4 Simple Tips for Nailing Your Knit Fabric Sewing Project

If you are a knit fabric novice, you will be surprised, and pretty happy, to know that it is much easier to work with than a lot of woven fabrics. It doesn’t matter even when you don’t finish the edges because the fabric is quite forgiving in that matter. Although, using knit fabrics in your sewing projects can be slightly intimidating unless you are equipped with a few tips and tricks in hand.

1. Learn about the types of knit fabrics
The sheer number of knit fabric types is staggering, which is why it is important that you know your spandex from jersey. Each type behaves stretches and drapes in different ways. Only when you learn about each of them and their distinct characteristics will you be able to use the right knit with the right pattern for your project.

2. Use the right needle on your sewing machine
It is imperative that you use dull needles when stitching your knit fabrics. Sharp needles can pierce the fabric and lead to runs. Some kinds of sewing machine needles that you can use with your knit fabrics are ballpoint needles, stretch twin needles and stretch needles.

3. Use the right thread
Depending on the type of thread you use, the final results of your knit fabric project can turn out completely different. All-purpose thread is the best option as it does not pose any issue. Alternatively, you can also use cotton thread and a newer kind of stretchy thread which is called Eloflex.

4. Do not exert too much foot pressure on the sewing machine
During a sewing project, the last thing you would want is for your knit fabric to stretch and become wavy. Using too much foot pressure on your sewing machine can cause that. You can reduce the pressure by loosening a screw on some machines or by adjusting the dial on some.

With these tips in hand, you are now ready to take on any sewing project you like with your favorite knit fabric. Visit our online store to buy Euro Knits in Canada.