Fleece: Know Your Fabric

Ever wondered what fleece fabric is? If you aren’t aware of its definition, you’re not the only one. Fleece is a wonderfully crafted man-made fabric. Many folks often get confused with the name, which means the woolly covering of a sheep or goat, but the material is 100% synthetic, typically derived from plastic. Though the fabric feels fuzzy to the touch, it isn’t made of fluffy sheep’s coat. That’s why this super-soft, breathable, cozy fabric is a wonder in the world of fashion.

What exactly Fleece Fabric is made of?

This most preferred fabric for outerwear is made from polyester. Initially, fine polyester fibers are woven to create a light fabric, which is later brushed to form a thick fabric. Other natural fibers such as hemp, wool or rayon, are also woven into the material, not always though. This creates a unique texture that adds vibrancy to the fabric. The fabric is also crafted from recycled plastics like water bottles, following an eco-friendly and inexpensive approach.

What is the Procedure to Make Fleece?

For the creation of polyester fleece, it’s necessary to make polyester fibers first. They are created using a chemical reaction that involves petroleum and its derivatives. These resultant chemicals are then heated till the point thick syrup is formed. Later, it is hardened and spun to create threads. Because of the fibers’ structure, fleece doesn’t allow air to pass easily and is extremely warm.

Characteristics of Fleece

The material remarkably holds warmth which makes fleece perfect for extreme weather conditions. Besides being warm, fleece is moisture-resistant and durable. That’s the reason why it’s the most recommended fabric for sportswear. What’s more? Fleece even feels lighter to wear than wool.

Magnificent Uses of Fleece

From ear-warmers for children to underpants for astronauts, Fleece is used for everything. Due to its versatility, the material is commonly used in the modern textile industry nowadays. As you already know, sportswear is mostly made of fleece fabric. Since athletic garments need to soak in perspiration and keeps the moisture away, most sportspeople seek fleece fabric to keep their bodies dry. And because the fabric is breathable, it allows air to circulate properly. This means no more horror of odors from sweating.

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