How to Determine the Quality Of Cotton Fabric

When shopping for a cloth material it is crucial to make sure that the quality of the fabric is top-notch. Some cloth material may come with beautiful patterns and look gorgeous on the rack but are actually of very poor quality. Any piece of clothing stitched using a low-quality fabric will not last long and will most probably not look good either after a couple of washes! On the contrary, any clothing made from a superior quality fabric will not only be comfortable to wear but will also be durable. Cotton is usually the first choice of many when it comes to fabrics and when it comes to choosing a high-quality cotton cloth material Cotton + Steel fabrics are a safe bet. Before we tell you how to determine if a cotton fabric is of good quality or not, just a heads up for anyone looking to buy Cotton + Steel fabric in Canada, check out Funky Monkey Fabrics.

If you think that any cotton fabric that claims to be made from 100% cotton is of good quality, you need to think again. There may be huge differences in the quality of these fabrics. The demand for cotton is high because of its versatility and affordability. If the quality of the material is good it will also be durable.

Here are a few pointers that will surely come in handy when you are out shopping for a piece of cotton fabric and are confused about how to determine if it is of high quality or not:

1. Keep in mind that those fabrics which are made from long-staple fibers are usually of superior quality than those made from shorter ones. So, the cotton fabric that has a long staple length is of higher quality than that with a shorter staple length. The former is comparatively more durable and stronger.

2. How soft the cotton fabric is, also determines its quality. Softer the material, better the quality. The length of the fibers again comes into play here. Shorter staple length means that the ends do not have a clean finish. Longer fibers are more evenly woven resulting in softness.

3. Another factor that you must consider while buying cotton is its breathability. Fine quality material will come with maximum breathability. Ask for a cotton fabric that is made from finely combed cotton. Cotton + Steel fabrics fit the bill!

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