The most Canadian pre-order!

We can finally reveal the details of the newest line, available in January 2019 from Robert Kaufman fabrics. Designed exclusively for JN Harper by Andie Hanna, here's the new Purely Canadian Eh: Summer BBQ line! There are 6 prints available and will be released in limited quantities, so don't delay on the pre-order! Click the link below to take you directly to the website. *Please note that if you order anything beyond the pre-order, the rest of your order will be held until the pre-order arrives! If you want the other items NOW, you'll have to place a second order and pay shipping again.

Grab your favourite bather and join these beach-ready beavers!

Tan alongside our Atlantic Lobsters

Sit back and enjoy the view in these comfy Muskoka chairs.

Fire up the BBQ with these hungry black bears!

Take a paddle or a dip with these athletic Canadian Moose!

Grab your goggles and flippers and get ready to dive with the geese!

We know you'll love these prints but don't delay! The pre-order is open now!