Weekly Sale: CLEARANCE ITEMS - Quick & Easy Cuff Method

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I found this stunning Chatter Box Menta Art Gallery Knit on clearance and knew it was meant to be a tiny pair of pants. I personally love cuff waist bands and ankles on pants; They keep little socks on, and are soft for round baby stomachs. But many people hate cuffs, and I think it's because they just don't know this quick cuff method.

It really is a simple method that speeds up sewing cuffs. 

Step 1, Fold your cuff in half as you usually would. 

Step 2. Fold your cuff in half a second time, but fold it up. All of your raw edges will be touching (Along the right hand side of my cuffs in the image above).

Step 3. Serge your cuff and turn it rightside out. 

This method keeps your side seam all together when you attach it to your pant legs or waist as it is now one seam, You no longer have to hold the side seam in line as you sew it to the pant leg and makes it easier to line your seams up when you're attaching it to your pants. (or sleeves). 

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